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Management Team



Mr. Uktam Aripov completed a General History program and obtained his Masters degree in Political Science. His education has provided the knowledge to develop innovative and productive strategies for the execution of successful business plans. He founded and developed a number of businesses in countries such as Canada, USA, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Italy and Russia in the telecommunications, construction and hotel-resorts industries. Mr. Aripov also provides financial management services to major international corporations.
Mr. Aripov began his international business career in 1993. Throughout his career he has held various positions with large multinationals including; being an official consultant for Motorola Company in the republic of Uzbekistan, working as an official consultant for the IRTO (UN) in Central Asia for a period of five years and being an official consultant for Harris Corporation in Central Asia.



Mr. Sandy Acchione is an accomplished senior executive with 20 years of real estate experience. Having completed his Chartered Accountants program with Price Waterhouse in Toronto he joined Marathon Realty and later CN Real Estate. In 2002 after completing his MBA from Schulich he went into various consulting roles in real estate, telecommunications, manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry. His expertise includes a diverse background in finance combined with extensive experience in all facets of real estate management and operations complemented with a general understanding of other industries and international business having travelled throughout the US, UK and China on business. Prior to joining EuroLuxe Sandy served in senior executive positions with private and public sector companies supporting major projects.

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